Engagement Over Follower Count

Are you still buying fake followers and worrying about the amount of fans you have online? Back away from the keyboard and keep reading!

Which scenario sounds more beneficial to a business: a Facebook page that has thousands of fans that like the page but don’t interact/purchase/have a strong tie or a Facebook page that has consumer comments, shares, conversations and sales?

While having fans and followers is important (no one wants a Facebook page without any fans), engagement should be the priority. The heart of social media is social, a back and forth dialogue in which everyone is involved. Are you a megaphone or are you a two-way conversation?

More engagement on your page equals more brand awareness. When your fans comment or share your posts, your brand awareness expands to their online connections. At the same time, your updates will continue to populate their News Feed the more they interact with your page. The goal is to turn that fan who engages with your page into a brand ambassador who endorses your brand and ultimately becomes a lifelong customer. The key to brand awareness is always keeping your brand name at the top of your consumers’ minds. Keep your fans involved in your brand by asking their opinion, which is a great way to get more engagement on your page.

In a media-saturated world, the highest demanded content will be delivered first. If you consistently have low engagement, algorithms will pick that up and continue to punish your page reach. It’s time to come up with a new social strategy if you’re not getting any comments, likes or shares. Test out different types of content to see what works and what doesn’t; remember that Facebook favors high-quality content. Connect with influencers in your industry, give them interesting/relevant content and ask them to share it.

Pay to play. If you’re not paying for a wider reach on Facebook, you haven’t unlocked your page’s full potential as a marketing tool. Paid ads aren’t a cure-all; if your content sucks then you’re wasting your money. But if you’re producing original, high-quality content, paid advertising is a great supplement and method to casting out a wider net. Don’t sit around waiting for customers to contact you. Instead, use Facebook Ads to identify your target audience and show them what they’ve been missing.

Run a contest. Who doesn’t love free stuff? Whether you’re asking for email addresses, testimonials, opinions or photos, make sure that your prize is worth the price of entering. People are more likely to follow your page if they know there are incentives for keeping up with what you’re posting.

Engagement will grow your audience. Your brand will organically gain followers once your engagement increases. Growing your audience this way will gain quality fans instead of a large quantity of “fake” fans. A fan does you no good unless they ultimately turn into a customer, and engagement will help create loyalty and strengthen the ties between your brand and your fans.