NEW! Instagram Stories Chat Sticker

Instagram Stories Chat Sticker

Have you heard of the new Instagram Stories Chat sticker? This handy new feature allows you to start a group chat with your followers directly from an Instagram Story. As a brand, this is another tool you can use to stir up engagement on your Instagram account in addition to polls, questions, and more.

It’s easy to get started using the Chat sticker – click on the Sticker button in the upper right-hand corner, name your chat, and post to your Story. That’s it! You’ll start to see chat requests come in, and then you can accept or decline the requests. Those who are accepted will enter a DM chat room and the conversation starts. You can add or remove people at any time and end the conversation at any time as well.

It’s important to note that your Instagram Stories Chat sticker chats have a maximum of 32 people (including yourself) but no minimum. Once someone is added to the chat, they have the ability to invite other Instagrammers into the chat as well. Make sure you keep the “Approval Required to Join” button on in order to keep control of who is in your chat. You can also add titles to your group chats, which will make it easier for you to keep them organized.

The Chat sticker is great for making plans with friends, but you can also utilize it for your brand or business. Here are some strategic ways you can use the Instagram Stories Chat sticker…

  • Exclusive Deals: Spark your Instagram Story viewers’ interest by offering exclusive deals through chats! This will encourage your followers to keep an eye on your Stories so that they won’t ever miss out on a deal. Offer a special 24-hour discount if they join your chat or free gift with purchase, and then offer the code or link in the group chat.  

  • Events: Are you hosting an event? Start a Story Chat sticker to share details of your event and answer any questions attendees might have. If you’re putting on a workshop or class, you can use the chat to send out a ticket link, give out important reminders, share what is needed to be prepared, and more.

  • Sharing Content: In an Instagram Story chat, you can share links, photos, and important information about your product/brand/business directly to your followers. If you’re having a new product launch, tease it to your Instagram audience in a chat. Have a tutorial on how to use your products? Share it in a chat!

  • Q&A: Host a Q&A session with your brand’s Founder/CEO/President. This gives your audience a more personal connection and insider look into your business, in turn making them loyal clients and customers.

  • Customer Feedback: Looking for feedback on a new product or ideas that your company has been tossing around? Form a small focus group by using a Story chat sticker and get more information from your customer (beyond posting a poll on your Stories). This is a great way to get customer insights, feedback, and reviews.

  • Niche Groups: Using chats is a great way to organize your audience by interests, behaviors, groups, etc. For example, create a Story Chat for influencers that you work with so you can share important information or promotions with them. They can also interact with each other and form a mini community under your brand.

How are you incorporating the Instagram Stories Chat sticker for your brand? Let us know in the comments below!